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BK 1vin – Responsible Gaming

Responsible gambling is an important part of the 1win bookmaker’s customer service policy, which is why we take very seriously the problems that may arise as a result dependencies from gambling. We consider it our direct responsibility to protect players from excessive gambling and to prevent minors from gambling.

We want the 1win website to be as convenient and functional as possible, so that it is perfect for an exciting pastime. Unfortunately, for some gamblers, gambling can turn from an exciting hobby into a serious problem.

The 1win bookmaker’s administration fully supports and shares the policy of responsible gambling, and also does everything to ensure that customers can enjoy a safe and exciting gambling without losing control.

Important rules when using the site 1win

Some tips to help you avoid gambling problems:

  • stay in control: gambling is just a form of leisure, not a way to make money, you cannot lose your sense of proportion;
  • you should leave when you won as much as you planned;
  • choose a reliable office;
  • remember that only adult users can gamble;
  • If you need a break from gambling, please send a request to the online service support and you will be temporarily restricted access to the site 1vin.
  • Determine in advance for yourself the time that you will spend playing at the bookmaker;
  • Set for yourself the maximum amount that you are ready to lose, and do not exceed it;
  • Never borrow money to gamble;
  • Try to find yourself a new hobby and combine it with the game;
  • Do not visit gambling establishments when you are in a bad mood.

There are some signs that may indicate a player is starting to have problems.

You are asked to answer 10 questions. If you answered in the affirmative to at least 5 of them, then there is a high probability that you already suffer from gambling addiction.

  • Are you seriously involved in gambling?
  • Are your bets constantly increasing?
  • Do you borrow money to play?
  • Do you often play longer than planned?
  • Does frequent visit to the bookmaker’s office negatively affect your reputation?
  • Are you annoyed or frustrated if you cannot take part in the bet?
  • Is participation in gambling a way for you to get away from problems?
  • Do you often have to recoup?
  • Have you tried to control the size of the bet amounts, the time spent in a gambling establishment, but the attempts were unsuccessful?
  • Are you not talking about your passion for gambling to your loved ones?

If you answered “Yes” to at least 3 questions, you should think about seeking help from specialists.

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