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Bonus + 200% on the first deposit

Betting company "1Win" provides players with a first deposit bonus in the amount of 200% from his contribution amount.

  • The maximum bonus amount can be 50,000 rubles.
  • The bonus offer is available only for new clients of the 1win Betting Company.


After registration, the player makes a deposit of 15,000 rubles, the system automatically gives the player a bonus in the amount of 200% from the deposit amount. 

Master account: 15.000 RUR / Bonus account: 30.000 RUR

  • To take part in the promotion, you need to replenish your account with a one-time payment of up to 25,000 rubles. (The player will automatically receive a bonus 200%, that is, up to the maximum amount of the bonus offer - 50,000r) 
  • To wager the funds from the bonus account, the player needs to make ordinary bets with odds of 3 and higher. In case of winning on such a bet, the player will be additionally credited with 5% of the bet amount on this outcome from the bonus account.


Master account: 10.000 RUR Bonus account: 20.000 rub.

  • The player places a bet of 10000r with odds of 3 on the victory of the football team. 
  • The bet wins, 10.000 rub. x 3 = 30.000 rub. + 500 rub. (5% of the bet amount) = 30.500 rubles. 

Total. Master account: 30.500 RUR Bonus account: 19.500 RUR 

  • The money wagered from the bonus account to the main account becomes immediately available for circulation. 
  • Bets calculated with odds less than 3, as well as bets for which a refund was made, are not taken into account when wagering bonus funds. 
  • The company reserves the right at any time of the promotion to carry out additional verification of the account owner or limit the player's participation in this promotion.
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