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A special bonus for every express!


Do you like collecting express trains? Get ready to get more wins! If you collect an express with 5 or more events, then a percentage of the winnings will be added to the net profit. In this case, the coefficient of events in the express bet must be at least 1.3

Number of events in the expressPercent
5 events7%
6 events8%
7 events9%
8 events10%
9 events11%
10 events12%
11+ events15%

How it works? For example, you bet an express with the odds of 12.1 out of 6 events. With a bet of 1,000 rubles, you will win 11,100 rubles. And to this amount will be added 8% from the winnings. The total payout, taking into account the bonus, will be 12,888 rubles: 1,000 rubles (bet) + 11,100 rubles (winnings) + 888 rubles (8% bonus from winnings).

Enjoy and win even more!

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